Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Did you miss out Marni for H&M??

So as expected, the Marni for H&M collection sold out quickly last Thursday.  I actually stopped by the NP Mall location at around 11am and they were pretty much sold out of everything, I did manage to snag a polka dot print skirt (purple color, size 6) and navy drawstring bag, but I'm returning both sadly because I really need a size up in the skirt to be able to breathe :) and I wasn't in love with the bag. (let me know if you're interested in either before I return to the store- prob will return this weekend). Customers have a 10-day period to return these items, so I would expect that items should trickle back in this week or next. 

There is a glim of good news for you Marni fans though (thanks Nylon for blogging about this today- I'm going to piggy back on their post :)), so right now there is a big clearance sale going on The Outnet.com, with Marni items ranging from $38-$300. So here is your chance to get actual Marni, some would say the "real deal" for a fraction of the cost...Could it be a coincidence that this pop-up sale is happening the week after the Marni for H&M collection debuted?? I'm thinking not, but who cares, it's Marni!

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