Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trend: Wedge Sneakers

I just returned from our European vacation, which was amazing to say the least!  London, Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, oh my...I loved the culture/history, architecture and diversity that Europe had to offer. Walking down the street was always a visual and audible treat- seeing all the buildings with beautiful ornate details, visiting historical monuments, seeing so many people of different nationalities and hearing so many dialects. It was sensory overload, but in a good way.  (I'll post some pics soon for your viewing pleasure).

Of course the other thing I took note of while in Europe was the fashionable style of the European women.  I noticed their shoes the most!  From oxford loafers, to moto boots with studs, to wedge sneakers, and riding boots, those European women knew how to dress up their feet.  Fashion is such a part of the culture, especially in Paris and London (for obvious reasons), that I came back inspired to further develop my own personal style.  I fell in love with the wedge sneaker, which I believe Isabel Marant started/created. I saw a pair at a boutique in Paris, but quickly put them down when I saw the $250 € price tag. So I left Europe sad not to have a pair of these sneaks in hand, but I knew I could find them in the states for much less.  So when I came back last week, the search begin.  I went online and found the ASH version, which I love but were still pricey. I happened to be at F21 (Grapevine Mills location), and saw their version and was really thinking about getting this pair when I found out that Target had their very own version. Target you always come through for me! I ended up getting the Target Xhilaration pair after trying them on (they are much cuter in person and on). I plan on wearing them a lot this Fall/Winter, and will be taking a style cue from Anne Hathaway (pic below).


  1. Love the trendy Isabel marant sneakers, I also saw the similar style at http://www.upere.com/upere-wedge-sneakers-suede-in-black-p-1.html.

  2. I love this trend.. also doing a post on a pair I sourced locally in South Africa. Would you mind if I used the same pic above? I will credit it to your site of course :)
    BTW, cool blog!

    Rushda xoxo

    1. Hi there,
      Sorry for the delayed response- I've kind of fallen off of the bloggin wagon :)- feel free to use the pic above. Thanks for the shout out and for checking out my blog! I wil def check yours out too!